​Welcome to Weylin Marsh


We are a family run kennel that specializes in Showing and Breeding Top Winning CKC and AKC Registered Champion Havanese.


Our Parents are all Canadian Kennel Club Registered (CKC) as well as some having dual registrations with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  A Weylin Marsh Havanese is a Havanese that is among the most Winning Havanese in Canada.

We Breed for Health, Temperament & Conformation.  We are actively involved in showing our Havanese.  In 2016 we showed three of our Havanese to Champion and two of them to their Grand Champion status. Our Female Havanese Parti finished 2016 as the number 2 Havanese in Canada as well as being the number 19 Toy Breed Dog in Canada.  In 2017 We welcomed Aspen into our lives.  He attained his GCH Title quickly.  In 2018 we are Exhibiting Aspen.  We are also showing a Parti daughter, Fiesta and Bruno, an import dog from Germany.

If you want a Havanese from some of the best Havanese lineage in Canada, Weylin Marsh Kennels is were you want to get one from.

Have a look around our website and look at our parents and read about our Champion Havanese.  If you have any questions please contact us.

If you are interested in Showing a Havanese we have show quality puppies available from Champion and Grand Champion Havanese and can help you succeed in showing and help increase the genetic diversity in your lines.  Contact us and we can work together to build a better breed.

Health Testing


Our goal is to produce happy, healthy puppies that conform to the CKC Havanese Breed Standard for your family to bring into your home, love and enjoy.


We take seriously every life we bring into this world and are committed to each of our Havanese for their lifetime.


Health and Genetic testing is the first step in making sure that our parents are for for breeding and will produce healthy, puppies that are genetically sound.


What is a Havanese


The Havanese is a small dog being 8.5-11.5 inches at the shoulder with weight ranging between 7-13lb and being proportional to the height


They should be lean boned but be a sturdy, little dog, neither fragile nor stocky with long, silky hair that flows with its movements, but is not so profuse as to obstruct the dogs outline.  There should be a Slight rise in top-line from shoulder to rump and a rectangular outline, slightly longer than tall.


The length of the leg from the floor to elbow should be equal to the distance from the elbow to top of the shoulder.  They should have a soft, gentle, intelligent expression with large, very dark, almond eyes.  The tail should be carried over the back with the dogs head held high with distinction.

The Havanese has a playful demeanor and is a happy and faithful companion.








Weylin Marsh Parti - GCH Havanse
Weylin Marsh Parti - GCH Havanse

Weylin Marsh Parti Champion Havanse

Weylin Marsh Parti Champion Havanse
Weylin Marsh Parti Champion Havanse

Weylin Marsh Parti Champion Havanse


Become a Show Family
Would you like to become a show dog family?  It is a lot of work, but if you have the passion it can be very rewarding to show dogs.  If you would like to purchase a puppy for Show please contact us.
Our Notable Wins


2016 Havanese National - Best of Breed

2016 Havanese BC Regional - Best of Breed

2016 Havanese Ontario HOLA Regional - Best of Breed

2017 Fifth Place in Canada for Havanese

2018 Fifth Place in Canada for Havanese

Our Havanese won every show in Canada in 2016 that mattered