What is a Havanese?

Our goal is to produce a Havanese that meets the CKC breed standard for the Havanese breed.

The Havanese is the National dog of Cuba.  They have also been called the Bichon Havanais, Toy Havanese, and Havana Silk Dog. The Havanese is a delightful little dog from Cuba that has long, silky hair and comes in a large variety of colors.  The Havanese is of Bichon heritage.  If you have met a Bichon type dog, you will know that they are all small lap dogs that have delightful personalities and making wonderful companions. Similar breeds to the Havanese include the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Bolognese, Lowchen, Coton de Tulear, and Bolonka.

The Havanese should be a sturdy, small dog with floppy ears.  Their body should have a rectangular body, where they should be slightly longer than they are tall.  They should have and abundance of long, soft, wavy hair that can be a variety of colours. Their hair should be natural and flowing and it should mimic the Havanese's carefree and casual nature.  They should have an upraised tail that is plumed and carried over their back.

The Havanese is a smart and attentive breed that is easily trained.  They are affectionate, happy go lucky, charming, playful and known to be a bit of a clown. They are an eager, lively, devoted family member and are a good dog with children.


The Havanese should be between 21-29 cm (8.3-11.4 inches) at the withers. They are a small dog with a sense of refinement, yet they are a sturdy and balanced breed with a moderate build that is not fragile. They should have and abundance of silken hair that is fine, soft and lightweight with a subtle airiness. Their undercoat should be light and may not be very developed. The topcoat if allowed to grow should be very long but should not touch the ground.  They are considered a none shedding dog and most people trim their hair to make them more manageable as a pet.  The Havanese comes in a multitude of colours and patterns.

Their head should be in proportion to their body, not being to large or to small.  The nose should be slightly pointed and proportionate to their head with ears being floppy and flowing when they move.  The Havanese should have Straight front and back legs.  They should not have bowed legs.  They are also not a short legged breed.  Their legs should be in proportion to their body and should allow the Havanese to be agile when they move.  They should have a prominent chest, a slim stomach and they should be slightly longer than they are tall with a straight top line that has a slight rise from the wither to the rear.  The Havanese has a tail that is plumed and lightly curled over the back and they should carry it high and when they walk or run they should be proud in appearance.