Health Testing

Why do we need to health test our dogs?

Our goal is to breed happy, healthy, Havanese that comply to the CKC Havanese Breed Standard.  We love every puppy we help bring into this world and as such we are committed to each puppy for their lifetime.  To ensure that we are doing as much as we can to further improve the Havanese as a breed, we feel health testing is essential and above all other considerations is of the utmost importance.


If we do everything we can to start with healthy parents we can help insure that we will have healthy puppies.


What health tests should a Havanese dog have completed before breeding?


   BAER test - A test for hearing.  Deafness can be in one or both ears.  All breeding Havanese should have a BAER test to determine that they can hear in both ears.  Havanese that have deafness in one or both ears should never be used for breeding.


  CERF exam - A test for sight.  Blindness can be in one or both eyes.  All breeding Havanese should have a regular CERF exam to verify that there are no ocular disorders present.  The Cerf exam should be performed by a licensed Veterinary Ophthalmologist on all breeding dogs.  A Havanese that has an ocular disorder in one or both eyes should never be used for breeding

  Patellar Luxation - Is a slipping of the knee cap that occurs where the knee cap moves out of its normal position. This can be caused by injury or rapid growth rate and can be more prevalent in some genetic lines.  A Havanese that has Patellar Luxation should not be used for breeding.


  Cardiac Function - Normal heart function is of paramount importance in a Havanese.  All breeding Havanese should be tested for normal cardiac function.  All our puppies are also screened for normal cardiac function.


 Liver and Kidney - Normal liver and kidney function should also be screened.  All breeding Havanese should have a blood panel screening for liver and kidney function.